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Absolutely loved this. Great level design, amazing music, felt really good to control. 

Gotta love that juicy sound of your kneecaps shattering after a 200 foot fall onto solid steel flooring. MMMMMM YUM

I gave this a try and for the most part it was great, but the controls were very hard to get used to. Having "Z" as the jump key and WASD not being the move key was very frustrating.



You now, what I really expected to happen was the earth would turn into a banana. I mean, you got nitrogen, potassium, water, and phosphorus. I'm surprised the earth isn't a banana.

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i fucking love this game 

This was quite good. It has a few challenging parts and tells a good story with a twist at the end. Amazing that you made this in 3 days, I couldn't make something as good in 3 months! Thanks for sharing this little gem.

Very nice.


The platforms in the terraform bay are hard as hell, jesus christ what the hell were you thinking? I always fall off them!


Controls are too hard. In the shaft after the basin,  I just  cannot climb walls reliably. The "wall-jump then dash" trick that I have seen in the walkthrough looks impossible.


Just finished it.

Insane good game!


I love it, the only part i hate is the parkor section in the far right.


Its a solid start, and I'd love to see a fully fleshed out version of the game, but there are a few issues.  Its waaaay to easy to accidentally glitch through walls and get stuck somewhere you can't get out of,  forcing the player to have to completely restart the game.  Also (and this is a small detail) but the fact you're riding the elevator at the start but so many doors dont work because the power is out doesnt make much sense

Fun little game, although I found it weird that there was like a half implemented fall damage thing where the character would bleed if they fell from too high up, but nothing else happened

Great game! I'd like to see a second chronicling Professor Janus' adventure in this strange new world.

This might happen sooner than you think...

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Pleeease i neeeed ittt this game is so good

I glitched through the wall half way through the game and had to restart.

Me too! I wound up in the space above a door, with no way out.

Awesome game!

I already love this game! :-)

Just finished it.
Man, that was cool!
Although a bit too short :-D

Haha thanks :) It's short because I made it in 72 hours :)

Please consider adding a way of turning down the sound (or turning it off), it caught me off guard and .. Yeah, just a suggestion :-)